14 Sep 2012

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Hack Facebook Accounts by Aditya

Facebook pays millions of dollars to security experts and penetration tester to keep the privacy of their users as safe as possible. So therefore we cannot use direct methods such asbruteforcing, dictionary attacks in order to hack facebook account due to account lockout feature. However, Also i would like to clear one more doubt that there is no such software which will hack a facebook password for you by just entering your email address. There are also methods such as Phishing, keylogging etc, which can help you hack facebook account, which are also suggested ones. However here in this tutorial we will be exploiting a bug inside facebook in order to hack a facebook account. The vulnerability exploits trusted friends feature inside facebook which could be used to reset some one’s facebook password.
1. The thing which we use is to trick the Three Friend Account Recovery Method of facebook
2. The homework i was talking about is that you will have to make three fake account and make sure that they are in the friend list of the person you want to hack.
3. Once you are done with the above two steps you can start the hacking business.
4. Go to Forgot Password area of facebook.
5. It will show victims e-mail address and may be mobile phone at which he can be reached,choose ”no longer access to these” option.

6. Now you will be prompted to enter an alternate e-mail address, type your e-mail address or create a new one.
7. Now you will be asked the ”Security question”. Make random guesses,if you know the victim you might just get the right answer,if you don’t-no worries !
8. If you have not succeeded in getting the answer right you will get to our main aim ”The Trusted Friends” recovery option.
9. Here click on ‘‘continue”,choose  3 trusted friends-The Three fake accounts you have created and they are friends with the victim.
10. After you have chosen them,facebook will supply you with some codes on those fake accounts,follow the procedure and victims account is yours ! You’ve hacked them ! :)


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