15 Oct 2012

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Hacking Trick To View Saved Password in Mozilla Firefox By Aditya Tricks | Browser Tricks

We know that many times it's happen that you store a password in your pc and when next time you need to type that password again to use somewhere else.you don't remember it.Instead of asking for a new password you can simply find out your old password in Your browsers.

Just Follow The give below steps for do this.

1. First You click on Firefox Button (Left-Top)or go Tool menu.

2. Now you go to options.

3. An options window will pop up. In this click on security tab and under this click on “Saved Passwords” button. 
4. Find the site name and the username you are looking for using the search box and click on the “Show Passwords” button and you can see the previously stored password.
That's it Now You are Done. :)
Thanks For All Aditya Tricks Reader


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