10 Sep 2012

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Free Domain Name

http://www.s5network.info – free .com .net .org .info .biz offer
http://www.registerfly.com, www.nucleus.be – free .be offer
http://www.goodluckdomain.in/dotorg.html – free .org offer
http://www.domainsite.com – free .info offer
http://forums.inuration.net – free .com .net .org .info .biz offer
“Almost” domains (domain-like subdomains)
Note: More info on these services will be added soon
yoursite.co.nr www.co.nr
yoursite.biz.ly www.biz.ly
yoursite.net.tc, yoursite.net.ms, etc. www.smartdots.com, www.unonic.com, and www.cydots.com
yoursite.us.tt, yoursite.uk.tt, etc. www.joynic.com
yoursite.int.tl www.int.tl
yoursite.i.am, yoursite.on.to, etc www.v3.com
yoursite.q.la, yoursite.1.vg, etc. www.afraid.org
yoursite.4t.com, yoursite.8k.com, etc. www.freeservers.com
yoursite.b3.nu, etc. www.smartredirect.com
yoursite.com.ru, yoursite.net.ru, etc. www.lifelesspeople.com
yoursite.po.gs www.po.gs
yoursite.da.ru www.da.ru
yoursite.uni.cc www.uni.cc
yoursite———- www———-
yoursite.eu.org www.eu.org – only residents / non-profit orgs. in Europe
yoursite.za.net www.za.net – only residents / organis. in South Africa


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