16 Mar 2013

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From Windows 7 to Windows 8: What’s missing ?

As you probably already know, Windows 8 has been released today. According to Microsoft, the era of being tied to a single desktop computer is over. Windows 8 works just as well on a laptop or tablet as it does on a super-powered computer. All this has been possible with a complete redesigned interface that’s suitable to both touch and mouse-and-keyboard input. Henceforth, almost all Windows 8 features will be accessible through a new interface called Metro ( Modern UI ).
From Windows 7 to Windows 8
Here is a quick overview of all the functions Microsoft removed when switching from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and  in most cases, how to restore them anyway.

1. Windows 8 Start Menu

The most striking feature of Windows 8 is the removal of the Start Menu. Clicking that little button in the bottom corner has pretty much become a second nature. We now have to find our ways to files and settings through the Metro interface. However, there’s a little hack in order to get back your start menu in Windows 8.

2. The Desktop Gadgets

The Desktop gadgets are those little tools like Clock and Calendar that are accessible on the desktop which was  introduced since Windows Vista. Is the security flaw discovered in July 2012 responsible for the death of Desktop gadgets ? Despite their loss, it is possible to find the gadgets in Windows 8. To do this, simply download and install 8GadgetPack.
From Windows 7 to Windows 8:Desktop Gadget is missing

3. Classic Windows games

Along with the release on Windows 8, Microsoft created a Windows Store, where it is possible to acquire all kinds of applications (including games). This might probably the reason why Microsoft chose to remove the classic Windows games. Good or bad? This will certainly increase productivity in some offices! :)
Windows 8 games

4. Windows Media Center & Windows DVD Maker

Two multimedia applications have been removed in Windows 8. Windows DVD Maker  software, used to edit movies and create DVD is no longer available. The application was admittedly a bit simplistic, but it had the advantage to be understandable in a few seconds by the average users.
Windows Media Center has also been discarded in Windows 8. In previous Windows version, it allows you to manage and play back audio files, photo and video access to other devices on the local network or to watch the TV. With the death of such a wonderful tool, more people will turn to the popular VLC Player. I bet many of us secretly wish that Microsoft removed Internet Explorer instead of these 2 multimedia software!

5. Flip 3D

The flip 3D feature is not a well-known feature among the average PC users. It allows you to display and swap your open Windows screen in a 3D view. This is pretty useful if you have a lot of applications opened. If you are reading this article under a Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC, press Windows key + Tab to see the flip 3D. While moving from Windows 7 to Windows 8, Microsoft chose to remove it probably because it was not used by many people as people preferred the Atl + tab combination.
From Windows 7 to Windows 8: Flip 3 is missing
Which feature will you miss the most when moving from Windows 7 to Windows 8? As for me, it will be the Start Menu and those little desktop gadgets that I use to boost my productivity! What else is missing in Windows 8? Let us know in the comment section below.
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