1 Mar 2016

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How to Check Your Laptop Battery Health & Optimize it ! [Guide][Updated]

Laptop Battery
Guys today I am sharing with you such a knowledge which every laptop user should know for using it’s laptop battery safely and in optimized way; as we have seen that our laptop battery goes to dead condition after a little time. Now I will share with you such a useful information by using it you can be aware about your battery health, performance and also can increase the laptop battery lifetime. You will know what your battery lifetime charging, discharging, charging capacity, battery company and many other information required for a battery even the full report on battery with just simple and easy steps. First discussion is about battery health; so test it.
How to Check Laptop Battery Health ?
Battery health is very important for lifetime of a battery; if you know about battery health; you can use your laptop battery in better and economic way. For checking your battery health; just follow these simple steps :
  1. Run the Command Prompt on your windows as an administrator
  2. After opening cmd; just write this code ” powercfg -energy ” and wait for a minute
  3. Now goto the default directory which will be given in cmd for checking your laptop battery health report
  4. Now examine everything regarding your battery health and many other things
Here is some screenshots of my laptop battery health; and now I am using it in safe and easy way after knowing about my battery health as It was decreasing day by day and now it is stable ;
Screenshots 1

How to Optimize Your Battery Performance & Increase Lifetime ?
Now here discussion will be on battery optimization and performance as we have seen the health of our laptop battery; now method of battery optimization & increasing life is given below; just follow the given steps :
  1. Download the best battery optimizer software given below with crack
  2. Install the software completely and copy/paste reg file to installed directory
  3. After above steps; launch the app and click on “Run Diagnostic” from front screen
  4. Now begin your diagnostic; it will take some time; using it you can use your battery for more than usual battery timing.
What’s New ?
  • Latest working setup with crack provided :)
How to Activate Battery Optimizer ?
  1. Install the setup fully
  2. Now don’t launch and copy/paste the crack to the installation directory
  3. Done ! Enjoy :)
Screenshot 2

Important !
Before diagnostic; unplug your charger from your laptop


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