5 Mar 2016

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Flash Player Pro V6.0 Crack Is Here!!! [LATEST]

Flash Player Pro 6 is a practical and easy-to-use application that enables you to preview and browse Flash videos from your hard drive or removable discs.
You can capture frames of your favorite movies to set them as wallpapers or save them as BMP files. Furthermore, you can create Flash screensavers with ease.
Flash Player Pro allows you to convert videos between SWF and EXE formats as to easily use them on your websites.
Load and manage SWF and EXE animations
The user interface of the software is plain and simple. You can either use the tree view or open the file browser to search for videos.
Plus, you can view clips as large or small icons, list, details, thumbnails, as well as sort them according to name, file size or created time.
So, you can copy, move, delete or rename Flash files in the aforementioned formats, switch to full screen mode, zoom (in, out, exact fit), take a snapshot (as a BMP file), set an image as wallpaper or create a screensaver.
Download and convert Flash animations
In addition, you can convert SWF files to EXE or viceversa (optionally set the output destination, remove original files and select the action to take in case files exist with the same name).
You can also download Flash movies (save files to a specific output directory) and configure settings for the favorites folder (e.g. change path, create new folder). Flash Player Pro uses a moderate amount of system resources and contains a comprehensive user guide.
Good but far from being a pro
However, on the downside, the video stops playing after you take specific actions (e.g. select another folder in the treeview). Furthermore, if you switch the video-viewing mode to thumbnails, the last file found in the respective folder will automatically start playing somewhere in the background (this happens even if there is only one video in the folder). The only way to stop this is by resetting the application.
In conclusion
All in all, this program is a very good and easy to use tool for viewing and converting SWF and EXE video files. It may not be the best of its kind, but you can squeeze a pleasant result out of it. You easily get acquainted with its features and the amount of system resources used is not something to worry about.
  • Browse Macromedia flash movies with built-in viewer.
  • View or play flash movies with built-in player.
  • View or play movies in full screen model.
  • Make flash screensaver with a few mouse-click.
  • Make flash screensaver installer and distribute it with ease.
  • Capture flash movie image and save it.
  • Capture flash movie image and set wallpaper.
  • Build your own favorite folder, and browse flash movies in it.
  • make conversion between SWF and EXE flash movies.
  • Copy or move flash movies to another folder.
  • Rename flash movies.
OS: Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8/8.1,10. 32 bit and 64 bit



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