18 Mar 2014

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Hey friends, today I am going to share how to hide last seen from whatsapp android. As you know last seen is a feature by whatsapp which enable your friends to know that you last online status on whatsapp also this feature of whatsapp help your friends to know that you have read their sms or not. So if you want to hide last seen of your whatsapp then this post of mine will help to do this. Here are some steps in my post as usual , just read and follow them carefully..

Here are two methods to hide last seen from whatsapp
  • Manual Method
  • Application Method

Manual Method
To disable this last feature of whatsapp , First of all we have to understand how this feature. Okay Let me tell. Whenever you open whatsapp it updates your last online time to its database using your internet connection. So if you will disable your internet connection before opening whatsapp then it can not update your last seen time to its database. So simple manual solution is that disable your internet connection before opening whatsapp.

Application Method
 There are many application available on Google Play Store to do that which you did manually. But I am going to share one of them because I tested it first and it is working fine. So here are steps , just read and follow them carefully.

First of all INSTALL WhatsApp No Last Seen from playstore.
 Cover art

Now just configure this app using tutorial given in the app.

Now you have to do nothing , now its app headache to hide your last seen from your friends.

Let me tell you working of this app. This app will recieve your whatsapp and will give you ability to reply the message. When you open whatsapp to reply, it will automatically disconnect from internet and when you will come back to home screen it will automatically connect you to the internet.
WhatsApp No Last Seen~shinobi - screenshot
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