15 Mar 2013

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How to Install Windows 8 on VMware 9

With everyone talking about Windows 8 in the blogosphere, I decided to grab a copy of Windows 8 and throw it on a virtual machine just to play a bit with the new features, and I thought why not write up a short guide how you too can install Windows 8 on VMware.
Just in case you have been living under a rock for the past months, Windows 8 is scheduled to be released for October 26 2012. At the time of writing, Windows 8 is available in two flavors: Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows 8 Enterprise Edition.
Both versions are available as a 90 day-trial. To install Windows 8 on VMware, you will need to download:
  1. Windows 8 in ISO format available here.
  2. VMware workstation 9 or VMware player  available here.

 Install Windows 8 on VMware

For this guide, I’m using VMware workstation 9 and Windows 8 Release Preview. If you have a different Window 8 version, this should not cause any problem.
Assuming that you have already installed VMware, here’s how you should proceed to get Windows 8 running.
1.From the ‘home‘ tab, click on “Create a New Virtual Machine“.
install windows 8 on vmware
2. You will be then asked to specify the Windows 8 ISO file location .
Choose windows 8 iso in vmware screen

3. On the next screen, you need to specify which Operating system you are installing. Pick up Microsoft Windows and “Windows 8″ from the drop down list.
Pick up Windows 8 x64

4.Then pick up a virtual machine name and select the location where to install the virtual machine. I would recommend you to place the Virtual Machine file on a partition with lots of free space.
specify windows 8 vmware file location to install
5.After clicking Next, you will need to specify the hard disk space that will be allocated to this virtual machine.
specify disk space in vmware screen
6.You will be then asked to specify the RAM memory that will be allocated when running Windows 8 in the VMware. Choosing the default memory should be fine. However,choosing a lower value will cause your Windows 8 to run slower.
choose ram allocation to windows 8

7.A summary screen with your preferences will be displayed. Click Finish if you are satisfied with the configuration.
install windows 8 on vmware
 To begin the Windows 8 installation, click on the virtual machine name you created from the VMware main screen on the left and click on  Power on this virtual machine to start the installation.
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