3 Jan 2013

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Take A Shortcut To Productivity By Easily Adding New Entries To The Send To Folder With SendToSendTo [Windows] | By Aditya Tricks

The right-click menu is a favorite nook and I sometimes prefer it to application launchers because it is a faster way to connect the source document to the target folder or the application. For the sake of productivity, it is therefore the ‘right-way’. That is why, one of the first things that I do after a fresh install (or on a new computer) is taking a look at the right-click menu.
There are a lot of things to do actually, and a lot of tools to do them with. Recently we took a look at seven awesome ways to enhance the right-click menu; then you can add programs there and even clean up desktop clutter; and don’t forget to add some to make your browsing more effective.
In this context, the easiest way to add items to the right-click via the Send To folder has to the shell extension called SendToSendTo.

Just 135 KB to Download & Install

SendToSendTo is explained as a shell extension that lets its user easily add new entries to the Send To folder. Shell extensions are basic file manager applications on Windows. Now, you can also do without this extension by manually location your Send To folder and adding entries to it when you feel the need to.

The Send To folder can be located by browsing to the path — %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo – from any Explorer address bar. It could be something like C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo on your machine. You will see a folder similar to this:

This Send To folder contains a bunch of shortcuts to some applications. To add a new shortcut, all you have to do is to select an application (or target folder), create its shortcut, and paste it here. Your Send To menu just got customized. But as you can see, this is a laborious process. You want to do away with the sweat and create send-to shortcuts on the fly. This is where a handy program like SendToSendTo jumps in and helps out.
Download and installation of SendToSendTo happens in a jiffy. The 135 KB application has no fancy tricks up its sleeve. As soon as the installation is done with, it introduces an extra “Add Here” option at the top of the context menu. Here is how it appears in a screenshot:

Customizing the Right-Click Menu with New Entries

To add any application or a folder to the menu using SendToSendTo, you just have to select the specific application or folder and right-click – go to Send To – click the + sign which says Add here.

A dialog box appears and displays a text field. Give the new shortcut a name using the text field and click Create to add the selected item as a new entry to the right-click menu. Test it out by using the shortcut it was intended for.

The SendToSendTo shell extension is the fastest and simplest way to add new entries to the right-click menu. There is one slight drawback though – it does not give you the same speedy way to delete the entries you don’t want. For that you have to browse to the actual location of the Send To folder (path shown above) and delete the shortcuts manually.
Remember, the context menu is a busy place and it soon gets cluttered. Just as there are tools to add context menu options, there are also tools to remove them. Here are seven tools which can also speed up your Windows by doing the spring cleaning.
SendToSendTo is an Open Source application. It works equally well on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Maybe, that’s why our readers recommended it on our Best Windows Software page. What’s your recommendation for a context menu tool?


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