7 Jan 2013

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How To Disable or Turn Off Lightbox View For Blogger Images

What this Lightbox View effect does? 

When you click on your images or photos, a wide black iframe window opens without leaving the page and shows you the image in foreground. This Lightbox (also called as Greybox or thickbox) view effect is enabled for all Blogger blogs by default, and it can be found also on Facebook and Google +. However, for some people this effect has turned into a headache and some may prefer to turn it off.

How to disable Lightbox view?

Log in to your Blogger Dashboard, then go to Settings > Formatting and select "No" option next to "Open images in Lightbox". If you use Blogger's new interface, the setting can be found in the "Post and comments" section (see the screenshots below)

The old interface:

The new interface:

Save your Settings and you're done!

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