6 Jan 2013

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27 Way On How To Promote Facebook Page | By Aditya Tricks

I recently made tutorial on how to make Facebook fan page without creating personal account, you might check it out. Okay, let’s start with ways how to get some likes on your page.

1. Invite friends or… set your friends as admin and tell them to invite their friends too

You can use Invite Friends feature to request from your friends to like your page. You need to select as much as you can of them (or try this extension to select them all easily).Likewise, you can set your friend as admin and then tell to him to invite his friends too.

2. Comment on other Facebook fan pages
For example, if your fan page is about music, you can find your favorite singers and comment on their latest status or pictures. If you have custom URL (so your Facebook page can be found on http://facebook.com/username), you can use @ sign and start writing your username until you don’t see below option to click on it.
After you tagged your Facebook fan page, press ENTER and fully name of your Facebook page should be posted.
Likewise, you can use your page and directly promote it. You need to switch from your personal account to your page and than comment around and ask people to like your page.
…and than go around and comment:

3. Promote your Facebook page through signature
You can put your signature almost anywhere. Join discussion forums and put signature to your Facebook page. That’s great way to gain some exposure. This is how you add signature on your Gmail account.

Similar way of creating signature is for forums and discussion boards.

4. Do some SEO for your Facebook pages and promote them on article directories

You could promote your page by writing articles on Squidoo.com and in which you can include link to your Facebook page. Squidoo is free article directory and anyone can join and write about almost anything. Join Squidoo, write about same topic your Facebok fan page is, use name of your page as title, and in article (lens) include link to your page and your page should get some exposure. This works even better if your page is using some catchy phrase so you could get traffic from search engines. For example, if name of your page is something like I Can’t Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am or similar catchy phrase, you might expect some traffic from Google.

Any promoting through ezines and articles is good.
5. Contact Squidoo.com writers to include link to your fan page
For example, if your fan page is about your favorite Football team, you can find on Squidoo articles about your team and contact them to include link to yours page.
Let’s say I want to gain some fans for my Arsenal FC fan page.
I search on Squidoo.com for my keyword, register on Squidoo.com, contact writers and ask them kindly to add link to my Facebook page.

I’m quite sure that your football fellows would help you promote your fan page.

6. Add Like Box on your website
Like Box is a social plugin which you add on your website so your visitors are able to like your page directly from your website. They just need to be logged in.
Go to http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box/ and generate code.
Then add code on your page and your visitors will notice and like it.
Like Box looks something like this:

Your visitors most likely will like your fan page since they also can stay updated liking your fan page. This is great way to promote your Facebook fan page.

7. Post/tweet about your new Facebook page
You should inform your readers or twitter followers about your new Facebook page. Make post or update about it and tell them why they should join.

8. Inform targeted audience
If your Facebook fan page about drawing, photography or any kind of art you can join deviantart.com and kindly ask on their forum to like your page. Same goes for other topics. If your page is about football, you can join sport forums and ask them to like your page.

9. Blog commenting
You could comment on blogs and ask to like your Facebook page. Or simply in box “Website” you can write link to your Facebook page.
10. Email(mailing) lists and Google/Yahoo groups

Send email to your readers and subscribers and inform them about your Facebook page. Also you can join Google or Yahoo groups and post there about your Facebook page. That’s also good way to promote your page.
Those groups are used to discuss and email people (depending on type of group). Use this resource wisely.

11. YouTube is great tool
Many ignores this video service, but as their title says – broadcast yourself and use this practically search engine for videos. Make videos about almost anything and put link to your fan page as watermark on every video you make. Also put link in description. Don’t forget to upload video as video response. If you upload your video as video response, your video will be listed below original video and you should gain great exposure.

Also you can add link at the very beginning and at end of video.
12. Reward your fans or make a contest
You can reward your fans if they help you promote Facebook fan page. You can set as admin anyone who is promoting your page as reward. Also you can make a contest and reward those who referred your page to most people.
You can run “fans only” contests, so more people tend to join and like your page.

13. Invite contacts from contact list

You can invite contacts from other services. 5,000 of contacts is a bit of limitation, though.
14. Facebook ads
You can spend some money to advertise your page using Facebook advertising marketing tool. You can pay using credit card and PayPal, I think.
More information can be found here:

15. Google AdWords

Very similar to Facebook advertising tool, Google is maybe even better because you can get 100$ worth coupon code for only 3$ on webmaster forums, and spend it on advertising of your Facebook page. Coupon codes works only for new Google AdWords accounts, though.

16. Connect Twitter and Facebook

You can connect those two social medias using Involver.com so whatever you post on Twitter should be  posted on Facebook page and vice versa.

17. Offer free stuff

People just love free stuff. You can offer something for free and in same time promote your Facebook page. You can write e-book and in footers put link to your Facebook fan page or you can offer free hosting to your fans. You can also create wallpapers in Photoshop or hire designer to create a couple of wallpapers for you. In corner you could write link to your page.

18. Implement Facebook comments on your blog
You could implement Facebook comments on your blog so people can comment directly from their Facebook accounts. They don’t need to fill out any forms which is very attractive and I noticed that people just comments more often using this Facebook tool for webmasters.
You can also comment on other blogs which implemented this type of social tool.

19. Advertise on other social media sites
You could advertise your business on other social media services like Google Plus, LinkedIn, Badoo and other.

20. Advertise on Fiverr
Fiverr.com is an internet marketplace where you can buy products or services (in this case – fans) for 5$. I don’t recommend buying likes but you might give it a try since it’s very cheap.
Here are few gigs I found:
For more of those, go to fiverr.com, join site and order product.

21. Contact webmasters, writers and bloggers
You can ask bloggers to post link to your Facebook page, especially if they are writing about same topic as your Facebook page is. For example if your page is about let’s say bee honey, you can search on Google blogs about this topic and using contact form contact them to help you promote your page.

22. Exchange Facebook page likes
Sites like this where you can exchange Facebook likes is a great place to find other individuals who also want to promote their their Facebook pages. You gain credit by liking other people’s pages and than spend it on advertising your promote page. It’s free.
Edit: This is also great network to exchange Facebook likes: http://addmefast.com/?ref=1P3BSW

23. Guardian. Yes, Guardian.co.uk
First you should know that you need to register on this site. But you should choose username wisely. It should be something like FbComYourPageName.
By commenting you will gain great exposure and you might get a couple of likes on your page. Guardian.co.uk is great since you can choose among many categories and you can comment in categories you want and in same time promote your Facebook page.
Also you can write on your avatar using smaller font of letters name of your Facebook fan page.

24. T-shirts, stuff and… even cars

You can even promote your page by printing it on t-shirts or if you run big business, you could write link to your Facebook page somewhere on your car. Nowadays everyone is promoting their business and I see on TV shows in corner – Like us on Facebook!
You could drawn great attention by printing or sticking various stickers on t-shirts or even cars.

I couldn’t find a car with Facebook sticker but if you ever do this, let me know and I will upload a picture! You don’t have to ruin your car, even small sticker on back of car should do the work. Of course this depends if you are running page for fun or using page for promoting serious company and products.
25. Run applications
Facebook applications is great tool. You can make some fun apps and promote your Facebook page through one of those.
26. Offer poker chips to a “fan of the month”

Offer Texas Hold’em poker chips to your fans, readers, subscribers, visitors or on some other way draw attention of potential Facebook fans. You can also offer poker in-game chips to a fan of the month.
27. And a couple of other ideas
Get more friends on Facebook and then message them to like your page. Also, you can tell your friends to message their friends. On some forums like warez-bb.org (you have to register first) there is section in which you can promote your websites and products. It’s free and really great.
Also you could upload videos to Facebook and if is something unique and interesting, it should be spread like across the ocean.
Offer free wallpapers and in corner using smaller font size write link to your Facebook page.
You can use your page as place of your employment so every time someone check out your profile, he will notice your page and possibly like it.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be patient, building audience takes time.
  • Don’t neglect content on your page. Add content, post interesting stuff, upload cool pictures so you can gain more likes and shares
I hope this helps you out guys. Please like, tweet, +1 or on some different way share this post since I spent a lot of time on it.


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