22 Dec 2012

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How to Login to Multiple Accounts in Mozilla Firefox at the Same Time By Aditya

If you're a Gmail addict with multiple accounts like myself then you will especially find this add-on* helpful. Often times I get aggrevated because I can't log-in to multiple Gmail accounts in Mozilla but, not anymore because I discovered this great add-on called "Multifox".
Multifox is an add-on* that now gives you the capabilities to login to different websites under mutiple user names. This means you can now login to more than one gmail account, youtube or twitter account at the same time!
*add-on is a plug-in that gets downloaded and provides extended functionality to the firefox browser
Here's how to download & use it:

2. Install Extension
3. After you have installed it, go to file and click on "New Identity Profile". You will need to click on this every time you want to log in to a different account.
4. Every time you click on "New Identity Profile" you will notice that every new page has a number next to it on the URL bar. For example if you want to be logged into 2 twitter accounts make sure your URL bar has a "2" in it. Also, note that when you open up a new identity profile it opens up in a new window, not new tab.
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