20 Dec 2012

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How To Automatically Post Blog Updates to Facebook Page and Twitter By Aditya Tricks

Wanna like to automatically post your blog updates in your Facebook page and twitter? You can save your time with this, how to do this?
2. If you have account log-in, or sign up to this site. (If you already added your blog in networked blogs, to share the posts in Facebook page and twitter come to the step 8)
3. If you want to add new blog, Click “Register Blog” which is in the top of the blog
4. Now in the next page give your blog URL
5. Now fill the details about your blog like Tagline, Topics, Language, Description About your blog. 
6. Now You have to confirm that you are the author of the blog, which you submitted to networked blogs, In the upcoming page confirm it by adding gadget in your blog. 
7. After adding gadget, click “verify now” and get confirmed. and click “Refresh The Page”
8. Now in the left side of the page you can find a option “Add Tab To Facebook Page”
9. Now in new tab, you should sign in to your Facebook account then choose your page, in which you want to share the post.
10. Now Goto Your Facebook Page Click On the tab “Blog” with networked blogs icon. And choose the blog that you want share on this page. And Click Save.
11. For To Share your posts twitter, read this post  How To Share Facebook Page Posts In Twitter (Automatically)


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