15 Aug 2012

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The advantages and disadvantages of Twitter

  • Twitter is a free Social Network and very easy to Join. 
  • You can connect with many famous starts and celebrity  by using Twitter. Most of the famous people are now using twitter to provide message to their followers. It is one of the best way to stay connected with famous people. 
  • It is free and also free from advertisements. You don’t have to face problem with bunch of advertisements like other social networking sites do. 
  • It very easy to use. In twitter you just need to follow people to get news and updates, tweet or re-tweet, mark favorite , send tweet by mentioning specific people , send message and that’s all. 
  • You can use twitter to get the followers know about your new business, product, service, website, blog, eBook, etc. We can hope that Other twitter users might click your link and hopefully invest in a product or service you offer
  • Twitter has lots of application by which you can do lots of interesting stuff. 
  • Twitter apps are available for every smart phones. 
  • Twitter Sms service give you the opportunity to get the notification  instantly . 
  • You can use your Twitter ID to login to many sites or post comment. 
  • Twitter has lots of user , so you can find lots of people and make lots of friends.


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