26 Aug 2012

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Add Your Location on Google Map Easily

Search Your Place any people in whole of the word

1- Firstly you click here and open this page

2-Then you select your country Ex- India
3-Enter your mobile no.
4-Click on the find business information

5-Enter the name of your place in Company/Organization box
6-Enter the name of your State Ex- Utter Pradesh in Street Address box.
7-Write the name of your City
8-Enter Your Postal Code/Pin Code/Zip Code Ex-212402
9-Select your state
10-Enter your email Address.
11-Write your website ( Optional ) If you have no any website then click I don't have website
12-Enter the your description
13-Then you select the category of your place

14-Then you left all the columns and add you pic If you have(Optional)
15-then you click "Fix incorrect marker location" you found this bottom of the  map
16-go to top of the page 

17-Click the satellite of right side on the map
18-select your place 
19-Then click on the save changes
20- Go to Bottom of the page and select Submit 
21-Then Click Finish.
22- You have Receive the call on your resister mobile number

23-Enter the code here and click Go
23-Your Request sen to the Google you see after 15 days your place is shown on the map



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